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BlazeCut Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
  • Universal use: can protect almost any space
  • High cost-effectivity: zero maintenance, long working life
  • No external storage cylinder: whole system contained inside protected space
  • Clean & effective extinguishing agent: Tried & tested HFC-227ea/HFC-236fa gases
  • Fully independent: system operational 24/7 without any power supply
  • No maintenance required during entire working life means zero maintenance costs
  • Long working life: 5 – 10 years depending on application
  • No harm to protected enclosure and passengers when discharged
  • Easy installation: no training or expertise required

BlazeCut is a fire suppression systems manufacturer based in Slovakia, EU, with headquarters in Australia. BlazeCut offers a unique concept using advanced technology, providing a flexible, easy-to-use and cost-effective automatic fire suppression system which can be applied to almost any space for a clean and effective solution to fire safety.

Vehicle fire incidents are one of the major concerns for road users in the UAE, especially during the summer months. Fires originating in the engine bay are the most common cause of vehicle fire incidents, and high-pressure fuel lines used in the latest vehicles increase the chance of fire incidents in the event of a collision or mechanical failure.

The product is flexible, compact and easy to install on any vehicle. It extinguishes A, B & C category fires, and is relatively maintenance free throughout its expected lifecycle. It is also suitable for installation on boats, caravans, generators, IT server and electrical cabinets, farming and agricultural equipment, earthmoving machines or industrial and manufacturing machinery.