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Rotarex Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
  • Most compact system in the world
  • Able to protect engine compartments of up to 4m3 with only 4 litres of agent
  • Protects passengers and valuable equipment
  • Easy/flexible installation
  • Quick & effective suppression
  • Highly dependable: no electricity (FireDETEC tubing technology)
  • Highly economical
  • A choice of eco-friendly suppression agents
  • A choice of detection systems
  • Optional dashboard warning unit also available
  • UNECE R107 certified

Rotarex Firetec is a world leader in automatic fire suppression solutions with a presence in more than 65 countries. A company with around 100 years of expertise in manufacturing fire & safety equipment, Rotarex places a great emphasis on innovation and advanced technology. Safe and compact, Rotarex fire suppression systems are easy to install in practically any space, and reliable in all weather conditions.

Rotarex and Swaidan Trading established a partnership with the common objective of providing internationally certified automatic fire suppression systems to the UAE market with country-wide service support.

Automatic fire suppression systems are mandatory on school buses as per the guidelines of regional transport authorities, as they protect students and other passengers in the case of an engine fire. Hundreds of school buses across the UAE have already been installed with Rotarex automatic fire suppression systems, and it is an OEM supplier as standard equipment in all Ashok Leyland school buses sold in the UAE.

Fire suppression systems are also recommended in fuel tankers, gas transport vehicles, airport ground handling vehicles, oil field vehicles, air compressors, boats, cranes and other equipment working in harsh and dangerous environments.