Specialist Vehicles

  • A world leader in the design, production, and sale of high-quality road and rail tourist trains.
  • Dotto products are characterised by technology, innovation, attention-to-detail and high levels of reliability.
  • Certified and in compliance with all international standards.

Since 1962 Dotto has designed and built increasingly advanced and technologically sophisticated train models to suit every type of setting, meeting the needs of varied yet demanding markets. Launched in Italy, Dotto now serves most major markets across Europe and as far as the Middle East where their range featuring AC equipped vehicles suitable for both hot and cold climates is widely used.

Environmental awareness and protection has always been a key part of the Dotto philosophy, leading to the creation of different lines of electric trains that maintain the same reliability, easy handling and efficiency for which Dotto is renowned.

The range features models that meet the highest environmental standards and low emissions ratings, complimented with modern, fully customisable designs. The products have been widely used around the world for applications as varied as theme park transport, airport shuttles and city buses.