Specialist Vehicles

  • International recognition with ISO9001, EEC and CE certifications.
  • Long-standing partnerships with high-quality components from western manufacturers.
  • Over 19 years of experience.

Marshell is one of the most famous manufacturers of electric vehicles and battery related automotive electronic components in China. Boasting factories in Shanghai, Zhaoqing and Anhui covering over 300,000 square metres of workshops, over 100 experienced engineers and more than 1600 skilled workers, this manufacturing giant is an expert in the electric vehicle space.

Incorporating key imported components from leading north American brands such as KDS Motor and Delta-Q Technologies, Marshell’s concept fuses western reliability with an eastern work ethic. Each individual vehicle is thoroughly tested with IQC, PQC and QA procedures to guarantee each product on the assembly line prior to shipping

A world-class manufacturer of electric vehicles such as golf carts, sightseeing buses, low speed vehicles, hunting carts, vintage carts, utility vehicles, mobility scooters, cleaning vehicles, electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks, electric stackers and electric tractors.